☪rotten vindictive widows casting vile hexes☢
look at chris’ kewl ass #fluevogs he never wears!

look at chris’ kewl ass #fluevogs he never wears!

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i'm angry.
witchy 20 y/o nonbinary diva [hexes] w/a sour attitude.

angry smelly anarcha-femme vegan genderqueer from the pnw. i'm tired of everything. gathered inspiration from paganism. abused, bruised & used. ill-minded. they/them. wasteland prince, nsfw, body/sex positive. i destroy oppressors. bikes, dogs, lavender, trees, geology, oceanography, paleontology, cameras.
i am kae

no cis bros x no assholes
p.s. if you'd like to support my mygirlfund, ask me for my username via message (no anonymous).